How I Met Teradata

By the end of 2013 I was looking for a new place to continue my career. During January 2014 I had two great offers. First offer meant to stay with Microsoft and SQL Server, second to marry Teradata.

This was the hardest decision for me so far. It is not happening every day to have not one, but two such great job offers. I faced the decision to turn one of the offers down. My thoughts raced for the whole week but every time I adhered to the Teradata even though I really liked SQL Server and its community. I think that my decision was greatly affected by the Teradata’s ecosystem of products and the overall product maturity but also by project, language and national diversity of guys from the Global Consulting Center. During December 2013 I was writing a response to RFI, to one of the largest Czech bank, for Microsoft SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse. Thanks to the response to RFI I realized that going parallel would be the major step up for me and who else to go with than with someone who is in the business for more than 30 years. I took the Teradata’s job offer.



Me on my first day. I guess I took a good #selfie!

What greatly surprised me at Teradata was a training system with hundreds of hours of training materials available for all Teradata employees. Also Teradata provides 10 days of intensive training for all new hires. The training for EMEA region takes place in Prague. However even Aussie guys came for the training when I took it. Two reasons why I loved the training: First, thanks to a really superb instructors I got a thorough knowledge including a practical experience of the whole Teradata ecosystem which, with just a little of additional studies, are sufficient for passing Teradata 14 Basics; and second, with all the guys I met new friendships were made.  We formed a really nice bunch of peoples. We hang around together nearly every day. I took the gang to places that are not among the main Prague tourist attractions and on one evening we went to my place to have a true authentic Czech homemade cuisine cooked by my wonderful wife.

After the training I spent some time on a bench waiting for a project. Then one day, completely out of the blue, my manager came to me that I am having an interview for a German project next week. Based on the interview I was accepted to the project.

Even thought we were advised to take the Teradata 14 Basics certification a week after the 10 days of training I wasn’t able to do so. I realized that the more I postpone the certification date the more I forget and the more I would eventually need to learn again. So I set the exam date to Tuesday April 22. At the exam some of the questions required deeper understanding of the subject area some were more or less tricky. Basically as always … 🙂 On Wednesday April 23 at 9pm GMT +1.00 I received three e-mails from the Teradata Certified Professional Program saying that I passed the exam.


Currently I am working on the German project learning German language and Teradata SQL. Currently I would describe my state as #happy.

Have a happy day!


About Jiří Hubáček

Experienced consultant and blogger for Microsoft SQL Server and related products. Likes cats, workouts and delicious food. Enjoys sailing, traveling, time spent with wife and friends.
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  1. Great Post! Thanks for sharing your story and good luck!

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