Reporting Services 2012 SP1 on iPad

According to technet article Reporting Services are supported on iOS 6 devices in both (Native and SharePoint integrated) modes since SQL Server 2012 SP1. This was one of the feature I was really looking forward as it would be the very first step for delivering BI to mobile devices so I decided to try Native mode first by myself. After installation and deployment of Adventure Works and my custom reports I tried connecting to report server with iPad (3rd gen. iOS 6.0.1). UI runs basically without any issues but when I tried to open any report all I got was blank report:

The same issue occurred even with nearly empty reports. Last thing I tried was to export current ‘blank’ AW report to PDF and waaaait for it:

I filled in bug report on connect which is now in Resolved as Fixed state so in upcoming CU we may expect true support for iDevices.

In the upcoming version of SQL Server we may expect really cool thing in mobile BI so stay tunned 🙂

In SQL Server 2012 SP1 CU1 (11.0.3321) the bug is not fixed yet

Happy end of the work week!


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