Database Engine and Databases not discovered by SCOM 2012

I have been playing with System Center Operations Manager aka. SCOM 2012 lately. I wanted to setup my lab environment and create my own Management Pack for SQL Server clustered instances. I followed Management Pack for SQL Server 2012 documentation for low privileges account scenario. I got Analysis Services, Reporting Services and Integration Services successfully discovered but not Database Engine. After a while I noticed warning alert saying:

The process started at

2:52:01 AM failed to create System.Discovery.Data, no errors detected in the output.

The process exited with 0

Command executed:

“C:\WINDOWS\system32\cscript.exe” /nologo “DiscoverSQL2012RSDiscovery.vbs”

I Googled (or Binged or whatever) a lot but neither of result gave me a working advice. So I did a little my own investigation at cluster node with Sysinternals’ Process Monitor. I set filter to Path contains DiscoverSQL2012RSDiscovery:

… and found this:

I verified path and did not found folder referenced by Path (because of create file failed). When I switched to Process tab I saw account which was trying to access files:

So SQLDiscovery account is trying to reach path in Agent folder but was denied access. Actually C:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager folder is accessible only to local administrators (If I would not follow Low Privileges scenario I would not run into this issue 🙂 ). So I granted all permissions to SQLMonitor and SQLDiscovery except Full control to Agent folder:

Ok, coffee time …

After while Database Engine was discovered and so were databases. Well another day is over, finally 🙂

Good night!


About Jiří Hubáček

Experienced consultant and blogger for Microsoft SQL Server and related products. Likes cats, workouts and delicious food. Enjoys sailing, traveling, time spent with wife and friends.
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3 Responses to Database Engine and Databases not discovered by SCOM 2012

  1. felymich says:

    It seems I have the same issue and I would like to know if the security change are done on the RMS or on the Client?

  2. felymich says:

    I verified the service account used as RunAs Account for the discovery is local administrator… so it has full control to the c:\pogram files\system Center Operations Manager and below

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