Managed Service Account (MSA) GUI Tool by cjwdev – Windows Server 2008R2 schema

My April’s post about Managed Service Accounts had highest audience at my blog so far. Thanks for that! Chris Wright mentioned that he is working on GUI utility which would make MSA’s creation much easier (at least for guys not being so familiar with PowerShell).

I took a closer look at his utility. It’s in beta stage so far but looks more than promising. Utility is for free downloading at Chris’ blog. After installation open the app through link in start menu. You will see list of all your MSA at your current domain:

Creation of MSA is easy, just click New and fill in name of your new MSA, container and optionally SPNs:

After creation you will be asked for computer to link with created MSA:

Because Chris’ GUI tool is still in beta stage you will have to install account at target computer by PowerShell. For instruction check my April blog post.

During testing I run into Access denied error message when account was being created. Together with Chris we were trying to figure out what is causing that error message but were unsuccessful and unable to reproduce the error at Chris’ environment. As a workaround I had to launch the app as builtin domain administrator. Chris mentioned that some actions like deleting an account had to be run with elevated privileges.

I would like to thank Chris for his app which will make MSA creation much easier and more user friendly. I will look forward to stable version.

Sweet dreams!


About Jiří Hubáček

Experienced consultant and blogger for Microsoft SQL Server and related products. Likes cats, workouts and delicious food. Enjoys sailing, traveling, time spent with wife and friends.
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One Response to Managed Service Account (MSA) GUI Tool by cjwdev – Windows Server 2008R2 schema

  1. Chris Wright says:

    Thanks a lot for the post about my tool Jiri 🙂 I’ve just released the first official version so the install and uninstall features are now up and running too. I still couldn’t reproduce the access denied message you were seeing when creating a new MSA though even after testing in a lot of different environments and scenarios, so I’d be keen to hear from anyone else that tries the app out whether or not they come across that issue. Free download is available from my website here:

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